Abby’s Favorite Flower

Interning at flower magazine this past spring, I never thought I’d be offered the dream job I now have. As flower’s new Executive Assistant, I have some big shoes to fill. I’ve learned so much about the magazine, the day-to-day tasks in the office, and most importantly the kindness and sincerity that surrounds flower. I truly feel so blessed to work with such wonderful people who spend all day focusing on God’s sprinkles on the cupcake of life—flowers.

Before working for flower, I was 100% flower illiterate. Learning more and more about flowers every day opens me up to an entire world of floral possibilities. Assisting Margot at the Birmingham YWCA Flower Sale for Mother’s Day was such a treat for me, as Margot enlisted my efforts as her floral arranging assistant. Having previously known nothing about floral arranging, learning how to put together an arrangement was surprisingly easy and so much fun!

As far as my favorite flower, I think I would have to say daffodil.


Courtesy of Barnsley Gardens

I love that blooming daffodils are the first sign of spring, and I love that they are often the lone rangers sprouting up above an empty garden. Another reason for liking daffodils, I must admit, has to do with a favorite childhood movie, Willy Wonka &The Chocolate Factory. There is a certain scene in the movie where Willy Wonka takes the golden-ticket-winning children to his candyland backyard garden. Willy Wonka picks a candy daffodil, drinks out of it like a teacup, and then takes a crunchy bite out of the yellow “flower.” Ever since, I’ve wanted a candy daffodil, too! Although I’ve never found a candy daffodil, it still takes the #1 spot for favorite flower.

via coffeeworks

via coffeeworks


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