Margot’s Favorite Flower

I don’t mean to have expensive tastes; it just seems that when I walk into a department store I head straight for the Prada, without even seeing the label, or the cashmere without feeling the softness…you get the idea. I wonder if it’s just that truly beautiful, exquisitely fashioned things—purses, sweaters, flowers—are just naturally worth more. It’s like they know.

When I first started working in a flower shop, I went straight for the peonies—at eight dollars a stem (I had no idea). Again, expensive taste. But let’s face it, that “show-offy,” frothy peony is worth every peony—I mean, penny. Nothing says luscious like the peony. And nothing says confident like the peony. This is not a bashful bloom. When I want someone to know I think they’re swell, I send peonies if I can locate them. That’s the other thing about peonies: they’re not in the grocery store. Nothing wrong with grocery store flowers, but they do have the feel of everyday-ness.

Photo by Dave Schilling

Photo by Dave Schilling

Not peonies. They’re for special.
I just love ‘em.


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    balendra said,

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    Jean Lannen said,

    Hi There!
    I’m so very excited to have just found you! I look forward to being inspired and hope my photography and mixed media art work of “flowers” will be published in your lovely magazine! Thanks so very much! Smiles, Jean Lannen

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