Flowers, Flowers Everywhere…Even in Your Wallet

In the U.S., we’re all so accustomed to seeing portraits of past Presidents or national landmarks on our paper money we probably don’t even notice anymore. How much more interesting would it be if our bills “bloomed!” You might even have trouble parting with those twenties if they looked like art.

The site, run by Audrius Tomonis, includes an extensive picture gallery of historical and more current paper money used by all (if not all, it’s pretty darn close) the world’s countries. Many of their examples are also for sale, if you’re a collector.

The North Korean 200 Won from 2005 features magnolia flowers, the national flower of the country:

This Swiss note from 1963 has intricately drawn flowers all over the back of the bill:


And, of course, The Netherlands would (should) print flowers on their money! This dazzling sunflower example is from 1982:


Check out New Zealand as well for a few subtle floral images; Indonesia too has printed currency with floral motifs in the past.

Finding flowers in unexpected places? Let us know at and we may blog about your find!


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