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Be a Halloween BOOquet!

Still in dire need of a costume idea? Even though it’s the eve of Halloween, flower has decided to come through for you!

For the past few days, we flower girls have been tossing around our Halloween costume ideas. Some of us are especially fond of the punny ones– dress all in brown and be “Carla Brownie” (instead of Carla Bruni), dress up in tinfoil like a Hershey’s kiss and add a beret– voila! You’re a French kiss! We’ve giggled about the possibilities and reminisced about old favorite costumes and generally just reveled in the fun spirit of Halloween.

But today, thanks to a silly mispronunciation of the word “bouquet,” everyone in the flower office immediately had the same fun idea for a costume– be a “BOOquet!” Of course, the floral theme makes us partial, but everyone here at flower headquarters is buzzing with the many possibilities to make such a costume a reality.

This is where we turn to you! Most of us here at flower have already committed to other, not nearly as original costumes and are sorely disappointed about it. Make our BOOquet dreams come true! Put together a BOOquet costume and send your photos in to and we will share the best right here on our blog.


Photo: Jason Wallis, "Boo": Ours

Happy Halloween and flower to the people!


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Pumpkin Posies

It’s that time of year again, when the leaves are falling, the coats are unpacked, and the Pumpkin Spice Lattes are flowing here at the flower headquarters. I love everything about fall, and I can’t think of a cuter way to incorporate the season into an arrangement than using a pumpkin as the container. Whether nestled alongside a Halloween jack-o-lantern or used as a charming Thanksgiving centerpiece, this do-it-yourself floral container is sure to put everyone into the spirit of the season.


via Old Town Florist blog

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Old is New Again

I’m sitting here on Sunday afternoon waiting for my precious grandson to wake from his nap. I’ve been going through websites and, yes, even some Facebook postings of weddings and I’m here to tell you, there’s some great work going on out there. But it is time for something new.

Or maybe something old, that’s new again:

Sybil basket

Designed by Sybil Sylvester

There are so many amazing floral designers and event planners around, it defies the imagination. But, after viewing hundreds of weddings and events each season, I have to say, I would welcome some big ol’ classic English mixed arrangements. Now, I like monochrome and/or monobloom as much as the next person, and I think glass with rocks, floating candles, French hand-tied bouquets, or just mounds, are stunningly chic when done well. But let’s not lose sight of the beauty and drama of a large Sheila MacQueen-type creation of mixed blossoms, sizes, textures, placement, and greenery, that leaves room for “butterflies and bees to fly through.” This particular design was de rigeur for centuries and there’s a reason. Heck, we even put one on our fall cover. I’m not advocating we do away with new, modern, more architectural style, I just think we need to nod to our floral/design heritage now and then.

Try it and let me know what you think!
Your flower fanatic,

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flower find: Nettleton Hollow

via Nettleton Hollow blog

via Nettleton Hollow blog

A couple of months back, while I was fact-checking our Fall issue– specifically the names of the unique dried plant material used in our feature wedding– Nettleton Hollow kept coming up in my Google searches. What a find! Usually websites proffering permanent plant material can look a little run-of-the-mill, but not this one. Nettleton Hollow’s site is beautiful and their inventory is diverse and full of quality.

The Fruits/Pods category in particular grabbed my attention right away. Elephant Ear Pods? Thika Pods? I had never heard of these before! Under the Branches tab, I fell for the Banana Stems and Coco Lashing. The unique shapes, forms, and textures to be found make the idea of incorporating dried/preserved material into your fresh flower arrangements so much more appealing and interesting.

What are some of your favorites? For you floral designers out there, have you been using dried material in your arrangements or even as the heart of the arrangement itself? Check out our website and the Fall issue of the magazine to see how Christina Coats-Springfield of Nouveau Flowers used branches and pods in our fall feature wedding, “Back to Eden.”

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Vases Revisited


Photo by Jason Wallis

Call it oversight, stress of looming deadlines, or too many balls to juggle, but, whatever you call it, we missed an opportunity in our Summer 2009 New Orleans issue to introduce you to the makers of the array of porcelain vases used in “Mimi’s Mechanics.” Once we realized this, to the blogosphere we rushed. Waiting until our next issue just wouldn’t do. Because, if you haven’t already been admiring them, you will be now. The company’s name, Middle Kingdom Porcelain, perfectly evokes their vases’ inspiration.

Bo and Alison Jia have both long harbored a love for Chinese art and design, a love that culminated in a porcelain studio that they opened in 1996 in southeastern China. For more than a decade, melding classical Chinese art and aesthetics with a new sensibility that references modern elegance and simplicity has been their focus. And in the hands of their master craftsmen, beautiful, functional pieces emerge. Pieces from the Red Chamber series were our Mechanics Editor Mimi Brown’s containers of choice for her effortless floral design from the Summer issue. The fluid shapes and colorful luster of Middle Kingdom’s vases make it easy to see why.

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Back to School!

Looking for a flower school near you?

Well, these may not be exactly near where you live, but learning the art of floral design from talented individuals in the industry just might be worth a trip. Or, why not plan a mini vacation around taking a floral design class?

via Little Flower School

via Little Flower School

Kindred spirits in the art of the unexpected, Sarah Ryhanen of Saipua and Nicolette Owen of Nicolette Camille have joined their immense creative forces to offer flower classes. Follow their new joint blog, to find out about upcoming opportunities. The next available class is December 6 and will be held at Saipua’s whimsical studio in Brooklyn, NY. Hurry and reserve your space, as the class size is intimate and will fill up quickly!

via Ink & Peat

via Ink & Peat

Pam Zsori of Ink & Peat in Portland, Oregon, is offering her very first floral workshop — and very soon (October 25)! Here’s hoping she plans more for the near future, because who wouldn’t want to learn how to achieve her natural, eclectic designs at home?

Via Flora Therapie

Via Flora Therapie

Brooke Howsley of Pollen Floral Art in Austin, Texas, is headlining a fall floral workshop on November 15 with a pair of other designers. Brooke’s blog has been a favorite of mine since I discovered it earlier this year. Visit her brand new flower school blog for the 411 on this venture.

via flower Archives

via flower Archives

The always-inspirational FlowerSchoolNY features a rotating roster of some of the biggest names in floral design. Ariella Chezar (whose organic, ethereal designs were featured in flower’s Summer 2009 issue “Flower Show”) will teach the evening Master Class on October 29th.

Want more? Here’s a (by-no-means-complete) list:

School of Flowers (Boca Raton, FL)
Flower Duet (Los Angeles, CA)
Huckleberry Karen Designs (San Francisco, CA)
Benz School of Floral Design (College Station, TX)
The Dixon Gallery and Gardens (Memphis, TN)
Floral Design Institute (Portland, OR)

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Bud of the Day

“To be overcome by the fragrance of flowers is a delectable form of defeat.”–Beverly Nichols

Photo credit: Alecia Ordahl

Photo credit: Alicia Ordahl

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