Vases Revisited


Photo by Jason Wallis

Call it oversight, stress of looming deadlines, or too many balls to juggle, but, whatever you call it, we missed an opportunity in our Summer 2009 New Orleans issue to introduce you to the makers of the array of porcelain vases used in “Mimi’s Mechanics.” Once we realized this, to the blogosphere we rushed. Waiting until our next issue just wouldn’t do. Because, if you haven’t already been admiring them, you will be now. The company’s name, Middle Kingdom Porcelain, perfectly evokes their vases’ inspiration.

Bo and Alison Jia have both long harbored a love for Chinese art and design, a love that culminated in a porcelain studio that they opened in 1996 in southeastern China. For more than a decade, melding classical Chinese art and aesthetics with a new sensibility that references modern elegance and simplicity has been their focus. And in the hands of their master craftsmen, beautiful, functional pieces emerge. Pieces from the Red Chamber series were our Mechanics Editor Mimi Brown’s containers of choice for her effortless floral design from the Summer issue. The fluid shapes and colorful luster of Middle Kingdom’s vases make it easy to see why.


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    Cathy Skraba said,

    Love these vases! The shapes and colors are amazing. Thanks for sharing.

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