flower find: Nettleton Hollow

via Nettleton Hollow blog

via Nettleton Hollow blog

A couple of months back, while I was fact-checking our Fall issue– specifically the names of the unique dried plant material used in our feature wedding– Nettleton Hollow kept coming up in my Google searches. What a find! Usually websites proffering permanent plant material can look a little run-of-the-mill, but not this one. Nettleton Hollow’s site is beautiful and their inventory is diverse and full of quality.

The Fruits/Pods category in particular grabbed my attention right away. Elephant Ear Pods? Thika Pods? I had never heard of these before! Under the Branches tab, I fell for the Banana Stems and Coco Lashing. The unique shapes, forms, and textures to be found make the idea of incorporating dried/preserved material into your fresh flower arrangements so much more appealing and interesting.

What are some of your favorites? For you floral designers out there, have you been using dried material in your arrangements or even as the heart of the arrangement itself? Check out our website and the Fall issue of the magazine to see how Christina Coats-Springfield of Nouveau Flowers used branches and pods in our fall feature wedding, “Back to Eden.”


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