Old is New Again

I’m sitting here on Sunday afternoon waiting for my precious grandson to wake from his nap. I’ve been going through websites and, yes, even some Facebook postings of weddings and I’m here to tell you, there’s some great work going on out there. But it is time for something new.

Or maybe something old, that’s new again:

Sybil basket

Designed by Sybil Sylvester

There are so many amazing floral designers and event planners around, it defies the imagination. But, after viewing hundreds of weddings and events each season, I have to say, I would welcome some big ol’ classic English mixed arrangements. Now, I like monochrome and/or monobloom as much as the next person, and I think glass with rocks, floating candles, French hand-tied bouquets, or just mounds, are stunningly chic when done well. But let’s not lose sight of the beauty and drama of a large Sheila MacQueen-type creation of mixed blossoms, sizes, textures, placement, and greenery, that leaves room for “butterflies and bees to fly through.” This particular design was de rigeur for centuries and there’s a reason. Heck, we even put one on our fall cover. I’m not advocating we do away with new, modern, more architectural style, I just think we need to nod to our floral/design heritage now and then.

Try it and let me know what you think!
Your flower fanatic,


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