Our Cup Runneth Over

hootandheart extra
From the very beginnings of this magazine, we knew we’d never be at a loss for unique, inventive, sumptuous floral ideas and stories to tell. The beauty of flowers inspires us; every day we find something new in the world of flowers, whether it’s through design or art or fashion. Our only problem is running out of pages in the magazine to highlight all that we want to!

Case in point: Our Fall “Light Green” issue included the work of brother-sister duo Blake and Laura Bachman of Hoot & Heart Co. They generously created more arrangements than we had room for in the department we call “Flower Show,” and this one deserves to see the light of day.  Hoot & Heart’s work is expressive, romantic, and environmentally sensitive at the same time. For this artistic arrangement in an antique pewter vase, they used wild scarlet and Yves Piaget roses from their own garden and clusters of vine maple. We love that they grow many of the flowers and plant materials that they use in their designs. It just makes sense.

The talented and versatile Carol Reach captured the vintage, effortless feel of their designs in her photographs. We’ve featured her wedding work many times before but had not yet had the opportunity to send her out on a shoot. We were so happy to have Carol “on assignment,” finally! She and the Bachmans made a great pairing, don’t you think?

You can see more of their work at www.hootandheart.com and view the arrangements we used in the magazine on our website.

Photo credit: Carol Reach


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