Think Inside the blumebox.

While perusing flower’s eclectic collection of floral containers in one of our office closets, I came across a truly unique container to use for taking home some leftover mums. blumebox, a company based in Portland, Oregon, has created something revolutionary. 100% recyclable and easy to assemble, blumeboxes are colorful, pop-up cardboard containers that hold clear plastic bags inside to hold water and flowers. At first, I thought, “Cardboard? No, thanks.” But after actually popping it up and then taking a peek at the blumebox website, I became a convert.

Available in an array of colors and designs, these little flower boxes can be used as-is or dressed up with a ribbon, name card, or accessory of your choice for any centerpiece, bouquet, or casual arrangement. They also offer blumebuds, which are perfect for adding a name card for a place setting and come in packs of 6 and hold a single bloom. Looking at some of these shots from the “ideas in blume” section on the their website can really get your creative juices flowing. For your next event, consider using these distinctive containers to add a spunky touch to your floral décor.


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