Christmas Cheer

“Seuss-esque” is a word often thrown around by our editor, Margot Shaw. When I first heard her use it, referring to a certain whimsical arrangement, I didn’t know quite what she meant. After finally realizing that she meant it as a Dr. Seuss reference, I quickly came to the agreement that “Seuss-esque” is a perfect way to describe something a little quirky and out of the ordinary.

If Dr. Seuss himself had seen Margot’s Christmas tree, he would have been proud.  Instead of Christmas ornaments on her tree, Margot used orchids—yes, real-live orchids. Dotted with bright green cymbidium orchids and smaller, maroon-colored cymbidium orchids in the midst of many strands of white lights, the Shaw’s Christmas tree was truly one-of-a-kind. Surprisingly, the orchids lasted for about 10 days, even without a water source, though Margot did share that she misted them every few days.
The wonder of flowers…

Of course, being the editor/queen flower girl here at the magazine might have inspired Marogt’s concept, but online I’ve found some other Christmas-y and floral examples of “Seuss-esque” ways to spruce up your holiday decorations. After seeing some floral décor touches on our good friend Rachel Halvorson’s blog post, Wreath Shopping, I hit the blogosphere running and found these uniquely floral ideas.

via nestegg

How much do you love this red wreath made of dried celosia and grapevine?

via nestegg

…Or this small wreath made of paperwhites? How simple and chic! Rachel uses the words, “subtle” and “peaceful” to describe this one—and we have to agree.

via nestegg

This mini Christmas tree dotted with daisies is very playful and definitely “Seuss-esque.”

photo credit: Lisa Hallett Taylor

This clever green wreath we found on may seem traditional at first glance, but when taking a second look, you’ll see some green hydrangea interspersed among the greenery and shiny chartreuse Christmas ornaments.

via nestegg, taken from Southern Accents

And, of course, Southern Accents doesn’t disappoint with this Christmas wreath adorned with a few white roses.

via Gabriela Delworth

These pressed flower ornaments are bright and easy to make, not to mention organic! Turn plain-Jane ornaments into beautiful botanical decorations for your tree.

‘What if Christmas,’ he thought, ‘doesn’t come from a store.’
‘What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.’ -Dr. Seuss


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    Happy Holidays!

    I am glad you liked my Pressed Flowers Ornament.

    Best to you,

    ~ Gabriela Delworth ~

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