Liz’s Favorite Flower

Written by: Liz Major, flower Intern

Photo credit: Eric Holsomback

My favorite flower is the daisy. My childhood was filled with flowers, and as much as I would like to paint the picture of a young hippie child running free in an overgrown pasture filled with wildflowers and making daisy chains while watching the clouds float by, my childhood was a little more structured than that. There was a pasture filled with wildflowers nearby, but I spent more time in the perfectly planned and stunningly beautiful Southern garden constructed by my grandmother’s hands. I also spent lots of my flower time surrounded by beautiful arrangements that were put together for any number of rational reasons: a special dinner or luncheon, decorations for a fancy party, as a “thank you”, as a gift, or just as a “thinking about you” notion.

So if I was around all this floral structure, how can the daisy be my favorite flower? Quite simple—it looks wild, but it isn’t. Whenever I see a daisy I think, ‘Now that’s a flower with a story to tell.’ They are so open and innocent, but dig a little deeper and you could find one with a spotty past and a few secrets to tell. I love the way daisies look in a vase by themselves—so proud, but a little uncomfortable with having all the attention. Put daisies in an arrangement with some roses or tulips, and sit back and note how the daisies make those prominent flowers pop even more.

As put so perfectly by You’ve Got Mail’s Kathleen Kelly, “They’re so friendly. Don’t you think daisies are the friendliest flower?” Why yes, yes I do.


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