Floral Fashion Friday/ flower Find: Sara Lloyd Ltd!

With an innate knack for design, Sara Lloyd began her own purse label at the age of 23, and it is quickly blossoming. Using recycled fabrics that Sara has gotten from Japan, Italy, vintage stores, and discontinued sample sales, she embellishes each design with brooches, beads, and buttons. A great friend of mine in New York, whom you might remember from this post, e-mailed me the link to Sara’s blog, and I’ve got to give it to her—I’m really impressed.  Starting your own purse label at age 23 is always impressive, but when the designs look as cool and unique as Sara’s do, it’s a feat!

Photo Credit: Lauren Rayner

What especially excites me as a flower girl is how often Sara adds floral motifs to her purses with her embellishments.  She began sewing flowers on her clutches to give it a signature look. Sara often uses buttons and fancy, vintage brooches that she gets from the Chelsea Flea Market on 6th Avenue in New York or Scott’s Antique Market in Atlanta.

Getting married in the near future? Sara also takes special orders for bridesmaids’ gifts—each one individually thought out and planned according to the lifestyle and taste of every bridesmaid.

To place an order or find out where you can get one of your own, visit www.saralloyd.com.


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    Anne Brewer said,

    Love the gift idea for bridesmaids! As a “flower” reader and gardener, I love the flower motifs as well. Thanks Sarah, for your beautiful creations.

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