Roses “Intuitive” Choice for Movie Premieres

If you’re a regular reader of the magazine, you know our focus is to talk about flowers anywhere and everywhere. Flowers play a role in everything from our most joyous occasions down to our collectible tchotchkes. All art forms have immortalized flowers, why not film? In an effort to increase awareness of and interest in the Colombian flower industry, there’s a movement afoot to make flowers a star in Hollywood.

For Juan Vega of Colombia’s Benchmark Growers, it all started with their red and pink Intuition™ roses– and, the Intuition™ rose is something special. French grower Delbard approached Vega’s organization many years ago with the offer of the uniquely tonal, striped red Intuition™ rose, which after significant testing became part of Benchmark’s arsenal, and only theirs. As for the pink rose, “the pink was just a gift of nature,” explains Vega. “It just came out with no manipulation.” Benchmark Growers was given the opportunity to feature their special roses for the premiere for the movie Valentine’s Day. “We used 20,000 pink Intuition™ roses,” says Vega. That’s a lot of roses, but just a drop in the proverbial bucket of the company’s production volume of one million stems per day. From that Valentine’s Day premiere, Vega has provided Benchmark’s flowers for other premieres, cast parties, and movies including It’s Complicated and Sex and the City II.

For the recent Sex and the City II premiere and after party in New York City, Vega teamed his company’s flowers with floral designer Oscar Mora’s stylistic vision. Inspired directly by the world created in the film, the Venezuelan-born Mora looked to impart an “One Thousand and One Nights” feel to the evening. “Intuition™ was the mainflower for the event, and I wanted to design with them as cleanly as possible, in a massive way to really show off the flower,” says Mora. Which he did, filling statuesque vases with about 300 roses, 150 of the red variety and 150 of the pink. There were roses (12,000 total) all over all the bars and buffet areas so guests could “appreciate them better” while mingling, says Mora. Chrysanthemums, alstroemeria, carnations, and Miracle roses accented the beauty of this strikingly striated rose.

“It lights up a room when you have flowers,” says Vega. We certainly agree. This opulent event would not have been the same without fresh flowers.


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