Katherine’s Favorite Flower

Written by: Katherine Perry, Intern

Photo Credit: Edward Badham

As a new flower girl, I have been tasked with describing my favorite flower—an assignment that has proven difficult, as it required me to actually identify a favorite and claim it as my own.  I have recently come to flower after a stint in the world of finance.  Aching for a change of pace and purpose, I was drawn to the magazine because of its beauty, the richness of its content, and because it began to unearth my own love for flowers and my desire to learn more.  While settling into life here at the “international headquarters,” I have encountered a plethora of unfamiliar flowers and beautiful new varieties of old favorites.  Choosing a single type of flower that I find more inspiring than the rest has been both fun and challenging.

Through much thought and browsing of flower’s extensive collection of floral books, I was continuously drawn to the lily.  The lily is a flower of simple lines—clean, elegant, but not boring or stuffy.  Thought to represent purity and refined beauty, the lily has a rich history steeped in mythology and symbolism.  I love the classic shape of the lily, its range of appearances, sweet fragrance, and timeless beauty.  Most impressive, however, is the versatility of this flower.  Despite its delicate appearance the lily is a hardy plant, adapting to a range of environments, with varieties blooming throughout the year.  The lily shines in floral arrangements, but its care is not beyond the ability of the most amateur gardener.  The lily is lovely, but not fussy – beautiful, yet practical…I appreciate that in a flower!


3 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Catherine said,

    Your description is as eloquent as the lily itself! Great choice, and wonderful reasoning.

  2. 2

    Sam mcGillicuddy said,

    What a delightful view!

  3. 3

    Julie said,

    I love it, Katherine! Elegant and refined, delicate yet hardy, and versatile—these words describe you as well. Great post!

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