Dior Fleurs

Written by: Jordan Staggs, intern

It was flower girl heaven at IHQ Wednesday when we stumbled across Christian Dior’s new fall couture collection, the entirety of which was designed based on—wait for it—flowers.

Designer John Galliano was quoted as saying, “I’m having a floral moment,” when creating the line inspired by Dior’s childhood home and gardens, Les Rhumes.

And what a moment it was. Vibrant colors and floral silhouettes graced the runway set up in the Rodin Museum in Paris, framed by a backdrop of giant parrot tulips that would make even Georgia O’Keefe swoon. The models’ hair wrapped in colored cellophane enriched even more the whimsical idea that each was an elegant upturned bouquet, and Galliano himself appeared bearing a straw hat, as a gardener tending his blossoms.

From daywear projecting the bold colors and shapes of daffodils, tulips, and peonies, to the drop-dead gorgeous black taffeta ball gown hand-painted with yellow pansies, the beauty of the garden was reflected on the runway with every stride. Clearly, Galliano’s latest endeavor is a winner in our book.

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Click the link to view the COMPLETE COLLECTION

All photos via: Style.com
Photo credit: Monica Feudi/ GoRunway.com


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  1. 1

    Megan said,

    Fabulous post & connection between the couture shows & flowers! It all goes to show you that fashion, art, flowers, beauty is all interconnected!

    And also Im happy to see people still admiring the couture shows, sadly a dying breed!


  2. 2

    Always like to see designers incorporate Flowers motive in fashion piece, as we all know batik in Malaysia and Indonesia are the famous piece of work on that.

    Christian Dior’s new fall couture collection sure bring this to the next level. It looks modern and BOLD. I personally like the Black and pink one a lot 🙂

  3. 3

    And also Im happy to see people still admiring the couture shows, sadly a dying breed

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