Petal Pointer: Ring Around the Rosie

Written by: Katherine Perry, publishing assistant

For a recent bridesmaids’ luncheon hosted by our editor-in-chief, I attempted to add a little punch to the punch bowl with a floral ice ring. With a few simple instructions from our ever-creative design editor, Sybil Sylvester, I set out to see if this project was really as foolproof as it sounded. Good news! This project is easy and impactful… and may become my signature party trick.

All you need is a round metal mold, water, and a botanical filler such as roses, impatiens, or mint. I borrowed a mold from Sybil and used pink and white impatiens from the backyard.

Begin by adding water to the mold until it is about 1/3 full.  Give your flowers/herbs a rinse and add some to the thin layer of water.  Place this initial layer in the freezer for a couple of hours until it is completely frozen. Once the first layer has frozen, add more water until the mold is approximately 2/3 full and sprinkle in more of your filler.  Allow this layer to freeze, then add your final layer of water and filler. Freeze overnight.

To remove the ice ring, wrap a hot towel around your mold to loosen the ice and slide the ring into the punch.  And yes, this entire process is just as easy as it sounds!


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