Jordan’s Favorite Flower

Written by: Jordan Staggs, intern

via flower Winter 2007 issue

If I recall correctly, I’ve always had a pretty eccentric sense of style. I don’t mean weird, although sometimes maybe my fashion choices have been a little out there; I only mean I’m attracted to a great variety of styles. One day I might go hippie-chic with a flowy, beaded skirt and vintage graphic tee, and the next I could be preppy in Ralph Lauren or sporty with my Nike shorts. You never know. I’m a fashion ninja.

I didn’t do it on purpose, but I think I chose a favorite flower that represents who I am in an almost eerie way. I was always attracted to orchids in design, even before I knew what they were. A self-proclaimed HGTV junkie, my design style varies as much as my clothing—modern, classic, chic, or whimsical. I love how orchids can fit in anywhere! They come in hundreds of colors; some with spots, some with stripes, some two-toned, some in colors I never even knew existed.

Another thing that intrigues me about these exotic, beautiful plants is the way they grow, in nature or in the home, with roots exposed to gather moisture from the humid environments in which they thrive (not unlike the Southeast US). Some even grow upside down, hanging from trees or rocks. How cool is that? I like to think I’m that way, putting myself out there for who I am and not trying to be, as Mr. Caulfield might say, “a phony.” I don’t like to be tied down to one thing or one place, like a plant stuck with its roots buried in the earth. I also love the aesthetic beauty of an orchid in a clear container full of coal or smooth stones—so much more interesting to me than a clump of dirt!

Orchids are just so zen and calming. I can picture myself one day, walking into my totally-overpriced-but-completely-fabulous New York loft, a potted phalaenopsis orchid—maybe white, maybe purple or jade green—lounging elegantly in its perch on my coffee table, gently bowed over a stack of magazines (including flower, of course!) and some well-placed trinkets. I’ll kick off my high heels and sink into the chic white sofa, mirroring my favorite flower as I relax after a long day of work.

Ahhh, perfect.


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    margot said,

    i will never look at orchids the same.
    excellent blog post!

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