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Flower Finds: Flower Duet

Written by: Katherine Perry, publishing assistant

Los Angeles-based floral designers, teachers, and sisters Kit and Casey of Flower Duet have earned acclaim for making flower arranging approachable. Their multi-faceted business seeks to take the mystery out of floral design; their inventive products and services encourage people to enjoy not only the beauty of flowers, but the process of working with them.

In the Los Angeles area Flower Duet offers three to four group classes each month with lesson topics ranging from hand-tied bouquets to full centerpieces, succulent arrangements, topiaries, holiday creations, and much more. Kit and Casey also teach private flower parties and regularly lead students and flower enthusiasts on tours of the LA Flower Mart.

An exciting aspect of Flower Duet’s business, however, is that no matter where you live you can have the benefit of Kit and Casey’s valuable tips and thoughtful instruction. The sisters have released an instructional DVD called “How to Create a European Wrap Bouquet.” In the video, Kit and Casey show you how to choose the freshest flowers, how to prepare flowers to optimize their vase life, and how to create a hand-tied European wrap bouquet. You can get your friends in on the fun by ordering a custom “Flower Party In-A-Box.” The package includes the Flower Duet instructional video, three flower recipes for each of the three designs in the video, floral cutters for each guest to use and take home, to-go vases in a color of your choice, tip sheets for each party attendee, and a free email consultation with Flower Duet about what kinds of flowers to buy and where to find them.

We love that Flower Duet makes flower arranging accessible anytime, anywhere, regardless of prior experience. Make flowers a part of your next get-together, birthday party, or bachelorette weekend—learn a new skill and enjoy the beautiful product of your work!

Note: Look for Flower Duet in five segments on floral design on the PBS show “Creative Living” throughout the 2010-2011 season!


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flower Finds: Caroline Reehl Ceramics

In 2008, an Ole Miss art student was required to take a ceramics class. She had no idea that just two years later, she’d be making commissions for clients all over the Southeast and molding a budding career as a ceramic artist into full bloom.

Having already sold more than 100 ceramic vases depicting roses or lilies, Caroline Reehl is quickly building a name for herself. Though she planned to go back to school for interior design, the success from her floral works of art has spun her life around—into one continuously at the wheel, elbow-deep in wet clay.

Mostly by word of mouth, news of Reehl’s beautiful ceramic vases has quickly spread. She’s had commissions from residents of Atlanta, Nashville, Mobile, and Birmingham, to name a few, and her clientele is growing rapidly.  I, for one, cannot get enough of her unique vases, some with lilies dancing off the rims or roses trickling around the sides.

Southern women are the biggest inspiration for Reehl’s work as a whole, with each depicted flower representing inner strength and outward beauty. Every flower—none exactly like another—is made to symbolize a different facet of a woman’s character. Reehl describes the blooms she makes as “fragile, sharp, strong, sensitive, or sensual.” Some petals are almost perfectly rounded in refinement, and some are whirling about, full of spontaneity and allure.

Reehl garnered her inspiration in college and began using the flower motif while she was growing into her own as a woman—the kind of woman who loves to dress up with her heels and pearls, but who also loves getting her hands dirty in the clay or water skiing on the Mobile Bay in her hometown of Fairhope, Alabama.

Reehl makes each petal on every vase by hand, which is very time consuming but gives each vase its own personality. “By the end of the process, the roses or lilies are talking to each other,” Reehl says—which I think fits nicely into her Southern women theme, because let’s be honest… What Southern woman doesn’t like to gossip?

Each vase costs between $100 and $500. To order your own or to contact the artist directly, visit her website at

In response to the BP Oil Disaster in the Gulf, Caroline Reehl has organized an event to benefit the Mobile Baykeeper. Art & Wine Spill, featuring nine Gulf Coast artists, will be on Friday, July 30th, from 6 – 9 p.m. at wmCM Studio in Fairhope, Alabama. If you’re in the area, please go check out some fabulous art and support a great cause! The event’s Facebook page can be found here.

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“Flowering” Your Home

via Pottery Barn

I swooned when I stumbled across Pottery Barn’s “Decorating with Flowers” section on their website. I love that they recognize the importance of flowers in interior design to the extent that they devote an entire section of their site to it. Click through it to see some great floral design tips and videos, as well as Pottery Barn’s collection of containers. And do you see their opening line? “Cut flowers are the ultimate decorating accessory…”  We couldn’t agree more.

In fact, when you open your Summer 2010 flower issue, you’ll notice we’ve added a new department called “Outside In.” This department will highlight how different notable interior designers around the country integrate flowers into their living spaces. “Outside In” will be a new fixture in our magazine, and we hope you enjoy the tips and insights from these interior designers about “flowering” your home as much as we do.

Click here to catch a sneak peek of our new department or click here to start having our magazine delivered right to your mailbox. Our summer issue will be available on newsstands in just a couple of weeks!

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flower Finds: Simply Bloom Photography

One of the perks of keeping up a blog for your job is that you get to spend time perusing other blogs to see what people are doing and what’s inspiring in the flower world. Today I stumbled upon Simply Bloom Photography in a wedding featured on Style Me Pretty and instantly fell in love with the romantic beauty captured in their work. Of course, since most of the floral shots are in the context of weddings, the florists are from all over. You can click through Simply Bloom’s website for hours– not that I did so during the work day, of course. I’m just saying one could.

via Simply Bloom Photography

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flower Finds: Fortuny Flowers

Becky Vizard, founder, CEO, and chief designer of B.VIZ Design, has graced the pages of shelter magazine after shelter magazine with her luxurious pillow collections made from antique European tapestries and textiles.

That being said, you might be surprised to know that B.VIZ is straight from the Bayou. Cornfields, sycamore trees, and Cajun alligators surround Becky’s home and workspace, also known as “Locustland,” which was her family’s original plantation property in Antebellum Louisiana. Overlooking the quiet Lake Bruin in the small town of St. Joseph, Louisiana, Becky Vizard’s Southern home is always full of family, jambalaya, and the most extensive collection of antique tapestries, textiles, and trim.

After traveling to Venice, Italy in search of materials, B.VIZ produced pillows and mini Christmas stockings from Fortuny fabric (a favorite fabric of flower Editor Margot Shaw). Resourceful as she is, Becky began using her Fortuny fabric scraps to make little flowers. Her “Fortuny Flowers” are also made with scraps of linen and antique metallic trim (also scraps from pillow trim) on 18-inch cloth-wrapped wire.

In 2009, Becky began making bouquets out of her Fortuny Flowers and used them on presents for friends and clients. She sent a bouquet as a gift to the owner of Indulge Décor in Houston, and a watchful shopper saw the bouquet and wanted the entire thing. So, Becky decided to make more—and the demand has been high.

flower received a Fortuny Flower bouquet and have since been using them to accent wrapping on hostess gifts and other presents. Some more ideas for the cute Fortuny Flowers are to use them as curtain tiebacks, napkin rings, or adornments on pillows.

In March, fellow flower girl Liz Major and I attended the Mobile Festival of Flowers in Mobile, Alabama, and as I was walking around checking out all of the fine displays, I spotted some of Becky’s Fortuny Flowers on a pillow in a home interiors store display. A woman from the store—Provenance—said that yes, the flowers did in fact come from B.VIZ. How cute!

If you like these Fortuny Flowers as much as I do and want them for yourself, e-mail Becky at or go to her website. Rolls of Fortuny fabric can also be purchased from MARY EVELYN.

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flower Finds: R. Wood Studio Ceramics

Written by: Liz Major

Ceramics inspired by the Southern landscape and seasons? Yes, please!

While perusing the internet for purses, we at flower came across these beautiful hand made ceramic pieces by R. Wood Studios. Each piece is handmade by owner Rebecca Wood or one of the twelve other artists in an abandoned produce warehouse located in Athens, Georgia.

Every piece is beautiful, but of course the free form flower shaped pieces caught our eye! And what a treat the floralform dinners are 25% off through the month of March.

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Floral Fashion Friday/ flower Find: Sara Lloyd Ltd!

With an innate knack for design, Sara Lloyd began her own purse label at the age of 23, and it is quickly blossoming. Using recycled fabrics that Sara has gotten from Japan, Italy, vintage stores, and discontinued sample sales, she embellishes each design with brooches, beads, and buttons. A great friend of mine in New York, whom you might remember from this post, e-mailed me the link to Sara’s blog, and I’ve got to give it to her—I’m really impressed.  Starting your own purse label at age 23 is always impressive, but when the designs look as cool and unique as Sara’s do, it’s a feat!

Photo Credit: Lauren Rayner

What especially excites me as a flower girl is how often Sara adds floral motifs to her purses with her embellishments.  She began sewing flowers on her clutches to give it a signature look. Sara often uses buttons and fancy, vintage brooches that she gets from the Chelsea Flea Market on 6th Avenue in New York or Scott’s Antique Market in Atlanta.

Getting married in the near future? Sara also takes special orders for bridesmaids’ gifts—each one individually thought out and planned according to the lifestyle and taste of every bridesmaid.

To place an order or find out where you can get one of your own, visit

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