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Flower Finds: Flower Duet

Written by: Katherine Perry, publishing assistant

Los Angeles-based floral designers, teachers, and sisters Kit and Casey of Flower Duet have earned acclaim for making flower arranging approachable. Their multi-faceted business seeks to take the mystery out of floral design; their inventive products and services encourage people to enjoy not only the beauty of flowers, but the process of working with them.

In the Los Angeles area Flower Duet offers three to four group classes each month with lesson topics ranging from hand-tied bouquets to full centerpieces, succulent arrangements, topiaries, holiday creations, and much more. Kit and Casey also teach private flower parties and regularly lead students and flower enthusiasts on tours of the LA Flower Mart.

An exciting aspect of Flower Duet’s business, however, is that no matter where you live you can have the benefit of Kit and Casey’s valuable tips and thoughtful instruction. The sisters have released an instructional DVD called “How to Create a European Wrap Bouquet.” In the video, Kit and Casey show you how to choose the freshest flowers, how to prepare flowers to optimize their vase life, and how to create a hand-tied European wrap bouquet. You can get your friends in on the fun by ordering a custom “Flower Party In-A-Box.” The package includes the Flower Duet instructional video, three flower recipes for each of the three designs in the video, floral cutters for each guest to use and take home, to-go vases in a color of your choice, tip sheets for each party attendee, and a free email consultation with Flower Duet about what kinds of flowers to buy and where to find them.

We love that Flower Duet makes flower arranging accessible anytime, anywhere, regardless of prior experience. Make flowers a part of your next get-together, birthday party, or bachelorette weekend—learn a new skill and enjoy the beautiful product of your work!

Note: Look for Flower Duet in five segments on floral design on the PBS show “Creative Living” throughout the 2010-2011 season!

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Back to School!

Looking for a flower school near you?

Well, these may not be exactly near where you live, but learning the art of floral design from talented individuals in the industry just might be worth a trip. Or, why not plan a mini vacation around taking a floral design class?

via Little Flower School

via Little Flower School

Kindred spirits in the art of the unexpected, Sarah Ryhanen of Saipua and Nicolette Owen of Nicolette Camille have joined their immense creative forces to offer flower classes. Follow their new joint blog, to find out about upcoming opportunities. The next available class is December 6 and will be held at Saipua’s whimsical studio in Brooklyn, NY. Hurry and reserve your space, as the class size is intimate and will fill up quickly!

via Ink & Peat

via Ink & Peat

Pam Zsori of Ink & Peat in Portland, Oregon, is offering her very first floral workshop — and very soon (October 25)! Here’s hoping she plans more for the near future, because who wouldn’t want to learn how to achieve her natural, eclectic designs at home?

Via Flora Therapie

Via Flora Therapie

Brooke Howsley of Pollen Floral Art in Austin, Texas, is headlining a fall floral workshop on November 15 with a pair of other designers. Brooke’s blog has been a favorite of mine since I discovered it earlier this year. Visit her brand new flower school blog for the 411 on this venture.

via flower Archives

via flower Archives

The always-inspirational FlowerSchoolNY features a rotating roster of some of the biggest names in floral design. Ariella Chezar (whose organic, ethereal designs were featured in flower’s Summer 2009 issue “Flower Show”) will teach the evening Master Class on October 29th.

Want more? Here’s a (by-no-means-complete) list:

School of Flowers (Boca Raton, FL)
Flower Duet (Los Angeles, CA)
Huckleberry Karen Designs (San Francisco, CA)
Benz School of Floral Design (College Station, TX)
The Dixon Gallery and Gardens (Memphis, TN)
Floral Design Institute (Portland, OR)

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